Carsinia Dealer Software Videos

In this page you can view our videos. We are always adding new videos to showcase our features. Please contact us for any questions or demo requests.

Credit Reports

Carsinia dealer software provides a video demonstration of how to pull credit reports for customers. This can be done in two ways: directly from customers or from the deal wizard. Deal wizard makes it easy to enter a sale and one of the steps is pulling the credit report for the customer to decide what kind of loan you can get for him or her.

Credit Applications

Carsinia dealer finance software can be used for easily submitting credit applications for your customers. This can be done in two ways: using generic credit application form and through EZ Dealer Finance. In this video we show both ways of submitting loan applications.

Forms and Documents

Carsinia dealer software can generate forms and documents for a deal or sold vehicle very easily. There are two different types of forms: PDF and NCR forms. PDF forms enable users to pre-populate common forms and complete the rest manually. NCR forms are used mostly with dot-matrix printers. It is very easy to design and edit NCR forms.


Carsinia dealer software makes it very easy to post your vehicles to craigslist. This can be done in 3 ways: manual, automatic and bulk posting. It is possible to convert posts to images to minimize chances of ghosting. All templates are completely customizable.

eBay Motors

Carsinia provides direct integration with eBay Motors. Posting your vehicles from our online dealer management system (DMS) to eBay is very easy. In this video you can view how to setup your eBay account with Carsinia and start posting vehicles. All templates are completely customizable.

Dealer Websites

Carsinia dealer websites are completely integrated with our DMS (dealer management system). Your vehicles can be easily listed on your websites. You can add or edit your pages with our editor. You can upload new images and drag and drop them to your pages. Our software can manage your content for better search engine optimization and high number of leads.

Car Websites by Carsinia