Dealer Reporting Software: Business Intelligence and Analytics

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How much money did you spend on reconditioning your cars in the past month? It sounds like a simple question but for many dealers it is a complex one. What is worse is that most business owners have a ton others like this one. Who is my best sales guy? How many calls did they make last month? How many of them resulted in sales? How is the progress? Asking questions like this is called business intelligence (BI). Many dealers wonder about these things but never really get down and do something to answer them. It feels like a lower priority. True, before business intelligence comes business. But the more you know, the more profits you will make.

Our dealer software helps you answer these questions. To many people business intelligence and reporting is the same thing. It is true that the reports answer these questions but there is a key difference. Some reports are operational. This means they help the day to day things like who did my sales person call today? Which vehicles did my mechanic work on? These are daily reports. Now compare and contrast them with the following. How much have I been spending on reconditioning month to month? Has it been increasing? How does it compare to my revenue and sales? You get the point. In short, business intelligence is done via strategic reports.

We have 6 BI reports: sales, purchases, costs, CRM, participation and online leads. Sales report gives a progress of sales over time. Purchase report gives info about how long it took for you to recondition vehicles and make the ready for sale. The lower the turn time, the better it is. Costs report shows a breakdown of your costs over time: reconditioning, marketing, transportation, etc. CRM report shows your sales people performance. Participation reports are about how much you are making from selling loans. Finally, online leads tells you how many people viewed your vehicles on your websites and craigslist and how many emails were sent. For all of these reports you can drill down into further detail and eventually arrive at the lowest possible level. This may be customer communications for CRM or vehicle views for online leads report. These reports give strategic info about your dealer.

We also have operational reports like vehicles that need registration, assessment, inventory loan payment, etc. Daily customer calls, visits, deals, new leads, etc. all help with daily ops. Most BI reports come down to the operational reports at lower levels. We are always adding new reports and enhancing existing ones based on customer requests. Read more about our reports or contact us for a demo.

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