Dealer Repair Management Software: Reconditioning, Service, Parts

dealer repair management software reconditioning, service parts

How much are you spending on repairing your cars after you purchase them? It is an important question. You may know a rough answer or you may not have a clue. One thing is for sure: your dealer software system should track this info. It is a major cost especially for used car lots.

If you have a service shop, you need to think about how much they will be spending reconditioning used cars vs servicing customer repairs. Usually service customers are higher priority but you cannot have a car sitting in your lot too long either. Tracking how much you spend will help you to make decisions like: should I hire a new mechanic, can I use an external vendor for this, etc.

For any repair work, you may be using a vendor. In our DMS, you would define the vendors you do business with and use them when entering repairs. You could define your employees as vendors and track their performance as well. We have reports that show the progress on your reconditioning work. You can take print outs and talk with your mechanics on each of the steps. In our process, you would first check out the vehicles that need servicing (new purchases). You would then enter all the repairs needed for it and track progress on each one. For any step entered, you can define vendor and parts used.

Parts inventory management is closely related to repairs. When entering your plan, you need to know whether you have the parts at hand or you need to order it. With our DMS, you can do just that. When parts are used, the stock count is decremented automatically. It is also possible to enter your orders and track progress.

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