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Internet has change auto industry forever. Having a dealer website is fundamental but online ads are also necessary to bring the leads. You can think of your website as your virtual lot. You still need to give ads to get people to come. Search engine optimization (SEO) will bring quite a few people by itself but unless you are will to spend a lot of money, it will not be enough by itself. You need online car ads in autotrader,, craigslist, eBay motors and whatever is popular in your city.

Autotrader is arguably the first place you should put your money on. Not only they have print media marketing but quite a few consumers search for their next car on their website. We can feed your inventory directly to Autotrader. The vehicles you enter to our DMS and set ready for marketing will be sent to Autotrader nightly through FTP. You need to enter your FTP account, upload pictures and enter your comments. We recommend that you setup unlimited account with Autotrader but you can pay on a vehicle basis as well. You can also set some auto comments for Autotrader like come check out our website. Posting to Autotrader is completely automatic from there on. is another website that offers similar services. They have a huge number of visitors and they can show positive ROI (return on investment). Our integration with is very much like autotrader. One plus is that you can post your videos on Your inventory will be posted nightly to

Craigslist is a very different channel for car dealers. It is free to post but you are not allowed to spam. The definition of spam is very subjective but the bottom line is that if you want to post many cars it is usually a pain. Our DMS (dealer management system) makes it as easy as possible. what is more, your ads look professional and bring more leads. Read more about Craigslist here. We will setup templates for you to use with Craigslist and help you with your posts.

eBay Motors offers a market that is very powerful. If you know how to use it, you can make a ton of money. The problem is that it is not easy. There are a lot of ways to sell a car on eBay. You should choose your method based on the car and how fast you want it sold. Our DMS can post your cars automatically to eBay. Read more about eBay motors here. We will setup your eBay template and help you with your posts.

Other than these channels we also offer automatic posting to There are a lot of online vehicle sales sites but the fact is that the 4 above are usually more than enough. Occasionally certain websites perform much better locally than the big 4. KSL in Utah is one such example. In such cases, you can enter your posts manually to our dealer software to track your marketing costs.

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