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Dealer Document Management Software: Print and Store Forms

They have been getting bigger and better but the primary function of any dealer software is printing forms. We have two types of forms: PDF and NCR. NCR forms are printed on NCR paper (carbonless copy paper). The usually have multiple thin layers where the top layer ink passes on to the lower layers. This is an older style of form but it is still very commonly used with many lenders. The modern deskjet printers do not work with this type of paper. They only work with dot matrix printers.

You can scan these documents and upload their images to our dealer software. Then it is just a matter of dragging and dropping fields to the image using our form wizard. In a matter of minutes your form will be setup. You can then take a few sample print outs and do minor adjustments like margin and width. Our form wizard can setup any document you need in the system.

PDF forms are the modern forms. They are printed on regular paper. Most DMV forms are available in PDF form. These are setup by us and made available for your account. They also offer an additional flexibility - you can override and update field values before printing the forms. PDF forms are very easy to use. We have some standard forms but any other forms you may be using would be setup at signup.

Finally, you can upload signed and scanned documents and attach them to your vehicles. This simplifies your paper work. You would not need to scramble to get a copy of a document. You can simply print them from our DMS.

Read more about our forms or contact us for a demo.

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