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Everybody relies on technology these days to run a business but dealers are even more dependent on software. Think about it. It was a whole different process back then. Car buyers used to come to the dealerships to check for their next purchases. They were not very educated. Dealers took advantage of this. The negotiations ended up with a huge profit margin most of the time. Now there is Internet. Consumers research before they come in. They are more educated. They can check out your competitors prices with a single click - from your lot with their phones! In order to survive in this day and age as a car dealer, you have to use technology, and you have to use it wisely. 

The use of software is not only for attracting new customers. It is also for managing your dealership. It is about efficiency and customer relations. If you end up mailing the license plate 8 weeks later you will not have happy customers. That will not result in many referrals. This can happen if you do not use a software to keep track of your sales - or if you use a solution that is not working very good. Efficient businesses pass the non-efficient ones. That is proven. Look at Toyota. A Japanese company selling more cars than GM. Nobody would have believed that in the 70s. The main reason it happened is because they are efficient in their processes. Speed is the key in this century. You need to streamline your processes as much as you can. Toyota even introduced a whole set of engineering principles and they became key reading materials in industrial engineering classes. They are called Kanban, lean manufacturing, six-sigma, etc. Basically they all say the same thing: become more efficient! The way to do that for your dealership is using a good dealer management system and proven software solutions for areas in your processes that take time. 

Carsinia provides online dealer management solutions that help you market your vehicles online and keep track of all your processes. You can record your purchases and keep track of auctions. Transportation, reconditioning, vin decoder and specifications, crm, financing, inventory loans, sales management, trades, post-sale management and business intelligence are just part of the features that you can use to manage your dealership. Online marketing is mostly done through autodealer, and craigslist. What's more, it is a complete solution: we do no take some external software and re-brand it like some other companies do. It is a solid, integrated online DMS. Contact us for more info and demo.  

Car Dealer Management Software Solutions by Carsinia