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Dealer CRM Software: Internet Leads, Sales Force Management

In the first few months of starting up a dealership you may not realize the need for a CRM (customer relationship management) system. It becomes very clear as time goes by. When you remember a customer and your conversation, it shows that you care. This may make or break the sale. You may be one of the rare people that remembers everything but for the rest of us mortals we need to write it down. The dealer software module that records your communications is called the CRM. Our DMS can save your phone calls, visits, test drives and emails.

If you have any sales people, the day they start using a CRM you realize the same system should report on your sales staff performance. Our reports can show you which one of your sales people is doing the best. You can see how they performed in the past. If you like, it will show you how your business is doing overall. This is very important if you pay your sales people based on performance. You can drill down into daily logs.

One question that you may wonder is: do I have to use an automotive CRM? Can I just use a regular CRM? Yes, you can but ideally your CRM, website and DMS should be the same system and that is what we offer. First of all, if you use an external CRM, it is difficult to track the sales. The vehicles cannot be entered in a regular CRM. You may be able to enter the sales in a generic way but you are losing a lot of details. When you need to find something, you will need to jump back and forth between different systems. What is more, you will end up making mistakes due to double entry.

Another concept that is emerging now is Internet Lead Management (ILM). Well, this is essentially a CRM. It is just a new marketing term. What it means is that, the leads coming from the Internet will be saved automatically as a lead. We offer that as well and much more. In any case, you really would not want to enter every lead coming from your website manually to your CRM. The bottom line is, having a single system as your DMS, website and CRM will save you time and money.

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