Dealer Credit Application Software: Car Loan Forms, Submissions

car loan application software

Most people need financing to be able to buy a car. As a dealer you need to make this as easy as possible. There are two phases to loan applications: underwriting and funding. In the first phase, the lenders check the app and say if they will be accepting the app or not. They also send their stipulations (stips for short) if the app is approved. At the second phase, they expect a more detailed application along with stipulated documents like pay check copy, driver license copy, etc.

Our software can print any forms you like. We have a generic credit application form that is suitable for initial loan app submissions. It is a simple, two page form where your customer and vehicle info will be filled out automatically. You can then print the form, sign it and fax or email it to the lender.

In the second phase, the lenders may require a detailed application to be filled out. These forms are usually printed on NCR paper (carbonless copy paper) with multiple copies. One copy stays with the customer, one to the lender, and one to the dealer. In order to fill these automatically you need a dot matrix printer. You can scan these app forms and set them up in Carsinia yourself or we will do it for you at your setup. We do that for the banks you commonly do business with.

Another option is to send your apps automatically to multiple lenders through EZ Dealer Finance. We have direct integration with them that makes it very easy to manage and submit your apps. Many start ups ask how do I get financing for my customers. This is how. Please contact EZ Dealer Finance for more details on their products.

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