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We offer an online auto dealer management software (also known as DMS or Dealer Management System) that helps you run your stores and attract new leads. Unlike many products in the market, we offer a complete solution. From purchasing to sale you can enter anything you want to track in our online management system. This is a big improvement over windows based systems. You can use it anywhere and have multiple users. Read on to learn more about our features or click on a particular area you are interested in.



Most used car lots purchase vehicles from auctions. It is vital to keep track of this process. You need to know how much you paid to be able to do sales and profit analysis. Auction, transportation and floor planning costs can be entered in our system. Carsinia can also remind you of when your inventory loans need to be paid.



Most used car lots recondition their vehicles before sales to some extent. For new car dealers, there is also another process called preparation of the vehicle. This may be added on the final price of the vehicle. These processes take time and resources and need to be tracked. A lot of dealers have service departments and they use their mechanics for this process.



If you have any doubts about whether you should have a website you can stop that. You do need a website in this day and age to run a dealership. Our websites are completely integrated with our DMS. In fact, they are the same system. It is very easy to add or update pages. Your vehicles will be listed as search engine optimized (SEO).

online marketing

Online Ads

Marketing is essential for running a dealership. If you cannot get the customers, you cannot sell your vehicles. Our dealer software can post online ads for your vehicles in 4 big car sales sites: Autotrader,, Craigslist and eBay Motors. Our templates are completely customizable.

dealer crm

Automotive CRM

CRM (Customer relationship management) systems keep track of your communications with your leads. It is also the place for sales force management since most communication is done by them. They should record their visits and calls to your CRM system. Our reports can then give you performance info about your personnel.

credit reports

Credit Reports

Nearly all dealers need to check credit reports. We provide credit reports through CredCo. Our integration makes it very easy to pull credit reports for your leads. You can minimize your risk if you do BHPH (buy here pay here) or in house financing. You can also check OFAC terrorist lists for red flag compliance.

credit applications

Credit Applications

Most people need financing to be able to buy a car. As a dealer you need to make this as easy as possible. We have a generic credit application form that is suitable for initial loan app submissions. Our DMS can fill it and print it quickly. You can also send your apps through EZ Dealer Finance. Many start ups ask how do I get financing for my customers. This is how.

dealer forms


The primary function of any DMS is printing forms. We have two types of forms: PDF and NCR. NCR forms are printed on NCR paper (carbonless copy paper) with dot matrix printers. PDF forms are printed with modern printers and normal paper. You can modify field values before printing a PDF form. We can setup any form you use.

dealer business intelligence

Business Intelligence

The importance of business intelligence is not fully understood by most dealers. You need to ask and answer crucial questions about your store. Profit, sales, and purchase reports would be part of this process. A good report would reveal great insight and result in big impact on the bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Carsinia?

There are many benefits of working with our software. First of all, you get the highest quality software that is very easy to use. You save time and money. Since we provide a one-stop shop solution, you do not need to worry about how to get 2-3 systems talk to each other.

What's the catch?

No catch. We are a small company that provides a great software. You would pay up to 10 times more to obtain a similar solution from our competitors. Just check us out and see it for your self.

How much is it?

We provide our DMS at a great price that is priced according to your needs. Please contact us to get your quote. We will beat any of our competitors prices for similar packages.

OK, I want to try it!

Great! Just go to our contact us page and submit the form with your contact info. We will contact you within one business day to schedule a demo.

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